Uptown Girl

DamKnow What


This was one fine female! She produced for us 5 stunning females and 3 fine males in her years here at Hard Rock. Her animals were consistently our high sellers at the farm every year. She produced large animals with superior conformation, fine fiber and regal presence. We lost her replacement to a freak farm accident. However, we bought BMLL Funny Girl a granddaughter. Funny Girl is out of Material Girl, a girl we bred and sold to the Armstrongs at the Celebrity Sale. Funny Girl, a granddaughter of Uppity, combines the El Gris line and the line of Fire N Ice and Sumptious (also on this foundation page) Funny Girl was the perfect replacement and went on to produce 3 females for us including Hard Rock’s Pin-Up girl whom we have retained to carry on this amazing lineage. Pin-Up Girl is by WoodsEdge Phast & Phurious and looks very much like her famed great granddam shown here.