Hard Rock’s Pin-Up Girl

  • BMLL Funny Girl - Dam to Hard Rock's Pin-up Girl

  • Phast in his front pasture in 2014.

StatusNot For Sale
SireWoodsedge Phast & Phurious
DamBMLL Funny Girl


It is finally time to add another generation of this fantastic line to our breeding line-up. Pin-Up Girl is the most recent offspring of the “girl” line and is a tall girl with a lot of genetics behind her. I’ve had my eye on her as a keeper since birth and it looks like I’m getting my way. Pin-Up girl had her first offspring by Tapa-San last fall.  It was a girl and unfortunately she just failed to thrive and didn’t make it through the winter.  Pin-Up girl has given us a colorful male by Campaign and we look forward to getting her bred again in the spring of ’19.