Hard Rock’s Autumn Angel

StatusNot For Sale
SireSolid Rock's Sandstone
DamCTF Angelilli


This gal had a rough start.  She needed some supplementation to get her going and then she lost her first-time dam to a tragic barn accident.  It left all of us pretty bummed, but no one more than Audra.  So, everyone rallied together to keep this gal going.  Autumn is our first and only bottle baby at Hard Rock.  We hope she’ll remain the only one!  That said she has flourished and we are very thankful.  While Audra is still devastated by the loss of Angelilli, she has thrown herself into raising Autumn.  Autumn handles well, but so far shows no signs of being overly friendly.  I’m certain Audra will have her in the ring and I could see these two working on obstacles together too.