SireTuna Catcher


This girl is just HUGE! She has tons of stretch and all the style in the world. Those long banana ears and lovely silky fiber make her everything a llama should be and more. She had a huge Chama Pontro boy then a big colorful boy by Direct Deposit. Next was a colorful girl by Innovation. Espinara last produced a silver/peach appy by Campaign. She is just lovely with a sweet personality to make her cutesy looks. Espinara has given us a big baby girl out of Alberta Gold! She has given birth to the largest cria ever born on the farm… a male by Phast for 2012. Espinara has given us a female cria in 2016 by Hard Rock’s Absolut Citron. I want a Ringo repeat and have asked for her to be rebred to Phast for 2016.   Espinara had a rough year and we lost her in the fall of 2017.  She was certainly an amazing gal and we were proud to have had her grace our pastures.