family2Gerken_Family_038 (2) smThe Hard Rock Llama Co. is a family operated llama farm located in Northwest Ohio. Its story began with the purchase of two bred females purchased at the firecracker sale in Reno, Nevada in 1994.  The intention was to have a hobby we could all participate in together with our friends Tony, Sandy, Sara and Stacy Rollins. Two became four, four became eight, and most llama breeders know how the rest of the story goes.

Today the Hard Rock Llama Co. maintains a herd of about 40 llamas on our 50 acre farm chosen for the very purpose of raising llamas. We strive to produce, show and breed quality stock exhibiting strong conformation and sound minds. To achieve our goals we have invested heavily in our female herd, choosing strong pedigrees which have proven themselves. The males used at the Hard Rock Llama Co. are chosen to add the “extras” to the breeding equation; intangibles such as fiber, color and attractive head and ears.

Using this breeding philosophy has helped us make great strides in acheiving our breeding goals: To produce animals that sell themselves, offering characteristics sought after in the marketplace, while respecting what a llama is meant to be.

We welcome you to visit our farm. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at 419.634.1124 for driving directions or to ask additional questions.